Rooting 2021

9th International Symposium on Root Development

University of Nottingham

24th to 28th May 2021

Invited Speakers

  • Amelia Henry (IRRI, Philippines) - Trends in Plant Science Lecture
  • Karin Ljung (SLU Umea) - Frontiers in Plant Science Lecture
  • Bert De Rybel (VIB Ghent) - EMBO Young Investigator Lecture
  • Anna Amtmann (Glasgow)
  • Melissa Mitchum (US)
  • Tim Crews (US)
  • Gabriel Castrillo (Nottingham) - The Plant Journal Keynote Lecture
  • Christa Testerink (Netherlands)
  • Andrea Schnepf (Germany)
  • Steven Siciliano (Canada)
  • Yang Bai (China)
  • Phancita Vejchasarn (Thailand)
  • Colleen Iverson (US)
  • Ulrike Mathesius (Australia)
  • Chris Topp (US) - Plant, Cell and Environment Lecture
  • Charles Melnyk (SLU Uppsala) - Frontiers in Plant Science Lecture
  • As well as Plenary talks from: Tiina Roose (UK), Jonathan Lynch (US), Joseph Dubrovsky (Mexico), Xavier Draye (Belgium), Ross Sozzani (US), Caroline Gutjahr (Germany), Malcolm Bennett (UK) & Steve Tyerman (Australia)